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  • Tuesday, February 19, 2013


    New Yorkers' Green Helps Wind Power Supply More Of The Power Grid

    Jill Urban, February 10, 2013 (NY1)

    “…[T]he Barcade bar in Williamsburg…[a]Brooklyn hotspot is 100-percent powered by wind energy…Because the bar operates more than 30 arcade games, it consumes more energy than the average bar. Kermizian and the other owners decided to reduce their carbon footprint by turning to wind, and more and more New Yorkers are asking energy suppliers like Con Edison Solutions to do the same.

    “…[A]bout 20,000 residential customers…buy wind from [Con Edison]…[It is] becoming more mainstream…[like] recycling…[although many do not yet] know this is an option or that it is an easy way to have a big impact on the environment.”

    “To switch to wind energy, customers do not need to put wind turbines on their roof. Instead, they need to call their utility companies and say they want to switch to a different supplier…That new supplier will purchase the energy from a wind farm on the customer's behalf. Electricity will still be delivered through the same utility company on the same wires, but now wind energy consumers are helping to put renewable power into the grid instead of power produced by fossil fuel generation…

    “…[The estimated] added cost for an average-size city apartment to switch to wind power is about the same as a few cappuccinos per month…[I]t is a small price to pay to offset one's impact on the environment.”


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