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  • Wednesday, December 9, 2015


    How Climate Change Deniers Are Trying to Derail the Paris Talks; The GOP is making its presence felt at the conference.

    Jonathan M. Katz, December 8, 2015 (Mother Jones)

    “…To troll [the last week of the Paris climate talks], the climate change deniers at the Heartland Institute…[staged] a ‘counter-conference’…While there are intense arguments about how to address climate change, there is no real debate among scientists about the core facts: Human contributions to the greenhouse effect are making the Earth hotter, which is bad for life. We can already see it happening…Which is probably why the denial event drew such a paltry crowd…[And yet, top EU negotiator, Spain's Miguel Arias Cañete, signaled that he is giving up fighting for an international agreement because of] the US GOP…[C]limate negotiators here know better than anyone that the Republican Congress will not approve any climate change deal President Barack Obama puts in front of them…[C]limate change deniers seem confident they're having an effect on the deal, and by extension the future of the planet...[At the Heartland conference, Sen. Jim Inhofe, the chair of the US Senate Environment and Public Works committee, gloated] that the Paris talks would fail…” click here for more


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