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  • Tuesday, March 8, 2016


    What's the Answer to Climate Change? It’s not enough to let the market handle it or depend on geo-engineering.

    Robinson Meyer, March 8, 2016 (The Atlantic)

    “…[T]hinking about climate change requires a two-mindedness…Climate change is vast, hopeless, horrifying, anxiety-inducing, and imagination staggering. On the other, it’s a challenge without parallel in human history: a vast, fascinating, thrilling, inspiring, mind-bending opportunity…Climate change is finally getting solved…[by] the Paris Agreement…[but] it has no mechanism to force anyone to do anything…The cost of clean power is plunging…but there’s no rule preventing clean power and dirty fossil fuels from co-existing…The problem isn’t just climate change—it’s ceaseless growth…[Geo-engineering technologies are more of a threat than a solution]…This is only a tour of some of the solutions…None is both adequate and likely. So maybe it’s better to think in terms of management…As the climate warms, should we find aims other than constant growth…? What kind of society and democratic government will be best positioned to handle resource scarcity and the sequential emergencies associated with the now-inevitable consequences of climate change? How can we bring about that society? …And most important of all: Can the world both manage climate change and avoid its worst cataclysms, like hideous famines, mass migrations, surveillance-powered authoritarians, and World War III?” click here for more


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