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  • Monday, June 6, 2016

    Three Candidates, Three Energy Policies – Climate Change

    On the issues: Climate change, environmental policy divide candidates

    Eric DuVall, June 6, 2016 (united Press International)

    “Some of the issues being debated in the 2016 presidential campaign start with a generally accepted premise from Hillary Clinton,Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump…Climate change is not one of them…Clinton and Sanders believe the science showing the planet is warming due to pollution created by humans, and the gradually warming temperatures are causing dramatic shifts in climate and weather across the world with potentially devastating consequences…Trump, like many Republicans, is deeply skeptical of that science and believes the climate change ‘crisis’ Democrats decry is really a political ploy to offer justification for more taxes and regulations on oil and gas companies they already do not like…

    “…Clinton terms it ‘an urgent threat and a defining challenge of our time’…[and Sanders describes it as] ‘the single greatest threat facing our planet’…[Trump] has called it a ‘hoax’ on multiple occasions…Clinton has pledged to reduce the nation's carbon emissions by 30 percent in 10 years…[Sanders said he will ban all oil and gas lobbyists] who he says spend millions on campaign contributions to buy influence over energy and environmental legislation in Congress…Both candidates support the Paris Climate Agreement…Trump proposes opening up more land for oil and natural gas exploration…pledged to undo Obama's executive orders related to climate change…[and ‘rip up’ the Paris Climate Agreement…” click here for more

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