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  • Tuesday, May 9, 2017

    Harvest The Sun In Massachusetts

    Cranberry farmer grows new 'crop': solar energy; Massachusetts farmer Michael Paduch installed a solar array on four acres of cranberry bogs. It’s a 'win, win, win,' he says.

    Jan Ellen Spiegel, May 8, 2017 (Yale Climate Connections)

    "Michael Paduch, a farmer in Carver, Massachusetts, has more than 20 acres of cranberry bogs. But with prices low in recent years, he’s started harvesting a new crop on his land: energy…[Several years ago he realized the land was ripe of solar development because it was open, got plenty of sun, and, as a wetland, had few other good uses. Now,] a solar array covers four acres of his cranberry bogs. It produces a megawatt of energy – enough to power more than 100 homes…And best of all, the cranberry vines thrive in the shade created by the panels. They don’t produce quite as many berries, but Paduch can grow and sell the plants to other farmers…Paduch said he is ‘farming the sun” and ‘producing something good’ so it is] ‘a win, win, win’…” click here for more

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