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  • Monday, October 30, 2017

    Solar Is Changing Behaviors

    5 Signs that Solar Energy is Changing Society’s Consumption Behavior

    Amanda Sparks, October 24, 2017 (AltEnergyMag)

    “…[T]he dangers to the planet for the next generation have caused individual consumers to change their behaviors…And as consumers adopt solar energy and demand that their governments do as well, there are definite changes in consumption behavior…[T]he transition to solar power triggers much greater awareness on the part of consumers of both energy usage and energy prices…[and] just awareness, not necessarily full-out adoption, causes consumers of electricity to be more mindful of their own consumption behaviors and to take steps to reduce them…[U.S. Census Bureau statistics show that people are moving into urban areas…[that offer] environmentally-friendly and healthier lifestyles…Government incentives for residential and commercial consumers have radically changed consumer behavior…with an exploding number of consumers connecting to the grid and using the solar panels and batteries…[Ten years of data about the change in consumer behavior once solar energy is introduced into a neighborhood shows once a homeowner or two goes solar, other neighbors…want a piece of this action…” click here for more

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