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  • Monday, November 13, 2017

    Powering Homes With Car Batteries

    How Your Electric Car Could Help Power Your Home

    Thomas Hornigold, November 12, 2017 (Singularity Hub)

    “..[F]ossil-fuel lobbyists and renewable energy skeptics [argue the sun and wind are not] always available...[but] it’s generally acknowledged we’re going to need better batteries to achieve a goal of 100 percent renewable energy...[B]attery research and development and manufacturing must be vastly improved before this is a truly scalable solution...[One concern is the installation cost but] batteries may have a specific advantage...[Many households will have access to a ready-made battery in their electric cars] which could be used to help power the home...[This] matches up very well with the way that many people use their cars... [Less than a third of [a car’s] battery power could provide all the energy your home needs for a full day…[T]his is not a catch-all solution. The key word for the electric grid of the future should be flexibility—an infrastructure that is capable of receiving electricity from a multitude of sources, spread out over a variety of different locations, meeting intermittent supply and demand needs…” click here for more

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