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  • Tuesday, January 2, 2018

    Today’s Kids Will Pay For Climate Change Tomorrow

    Climate Change Places a Major Economic Burden on Future Generations

    Brad Bergan and Chelsea Gohd, January 1, 2018 (Futurism)

    “…[T]here is a growing body of research concerned with how rising temperatures will specifically affect humans…[and a new study looks] even farther ahead at how rising temperatures might affect our children…[It finds] there could be a link between heat waves during childhood and lower earnings in adulthood…[E]very day in a child’s life between conception and age one when temperatures rose above 32 ˚C (roughly 90 ˚F) is associated with a 0.1 percent decrease in average income at age 30…[T]his means that too many sweltering days of youth corresponds to a slightly lower chance of ultimately achieving a higher income…The paper notes that fetuses and infants are ‘especially sensitive to hot temperatures because their thermoregulatory and sympathetic nervous systems are not fully developed’…[but] doesn’t directly explain how this sensitivity leads to financial instability later in life…[but it suggests that] as with so many other things in life, our children may inherit our mistakes.” click here for more

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