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  • Tuesday, September 11, 2018

    It’s Official. California Says Yes To 100% New Energy.

    Gov. Brown’s new climate goal: less than zero global warming emissions

    David R. Baker, September 10. 2018 (San Francisco Chronicle)

    Gov. Jerry Brown has repeatedly ratcheted up California’s global warming goals, setting ever-higher targets for the use of renewable power and demanding deeper cuts in greenhouse gas emissions…[But now he has] announced a climate goal so ambitious that many experts don’t know how to reach it…[An Executive Order calls for removing emissions from the atmosphere after 2045 and SB 100] calls for 100 percent of the state’s electricity to come from carbon-free sources by 2045…[Brown said] California’s new goals show its commitment to the landmark 2015 international Paris Agreement on climate change, despite the Trump administration’s opposition…[But] experts warn that reaching 100 percent clean energy at a cost consumers can afford will require better and cheaper ways to store large amounts of electricity. “…[R]emoving carbon from the atmosphere en masse is a far more daunting task. While several technologies have been explored — incorporating carbon dioxide into concrete, using ocean algae blooms to absorb the gas — none has been deployed at scale.

    The California Air Resources Board, which runs most of the state’s global warming programs, calls for sequestering 5 million metric tons of carbon per year through protecting, managing and expanding forests…[In 2016,] the state’s economy emitted 429.4 million metric tons of greenhouse gases…And wildfires can pump so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that a single large blaze can wipe out the state’s success in trimming emissions for that entire year…Although the technology exists to trap and store emissions, an idea called carbon capture and storage, it is considered far too expensive for widespread deployment…” click here for more

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