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  • Monday, December 10, 2018

    Climate Change, Nuclear War, And The Slow Tomorrow

    Former Defense Secretary Compares Climate Change To Nuclear War

    Jeff McMahon, December 9 2018 (Forbes)

    There are two existential catastrophes threatening the world, former Defense Secretary William Perry said. One is quick but avoidable, while the other is slowly unfolding…[The first is] nuclear catastrophe—and the other is a climate catastrophe. The nuclear catastrophe could happen next month, next year…[or never, Perry recently told a Stanford University audience in a dialogue with California Gov. Jerry Brown. But] it happens all at once…[T] he climate-change catastrophe is on a slow roll. It is happening. It’s happening every month, every year…[And it is] getting worse…

    …[Brown responded that nuclear war] and climate change have a similar lack of attention relative to what the threat is…[And both should get] a lot more attention…California has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions from 465 million tons per year to 435 or 440…[but has] to get down to 165…[The only way to do that is to] take every conceivable market-regulatory-investment-R&D-private-public effort…[It will require something like warfare] heroism to deal with climate change…[Perry, who was in Japan after the Hiroshima catastrophe that ended World War II, said the solution to climate change is clear] but we're not doing it…” click here for more


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