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  • Tuesday, March 19, 2019

    Climate Change On The Campaign Trail

    America Cares About Climate Change Again; For the first time in years, a broad spectrum of climate advocates is playing offense.

    Robinson Meyer, March 19, 2019 (The Atlantic)

    “…[T]he loose alliance of politicians, activists, and organizations concerned about climate change is mobilizing…[and] deploying a new set of strategies…[They have not yet agreed] on an ideal federal policy or even how to talk about the problem. They do not always coordinate or communicate with one another…[and it is] too early to say whether they will result in the kind of national legislative victories that have eluded the movement…[but they are] playing offense…[Washington State Governor Jay Inslee’s newly announced presidential run is based] entirely on his decades-long climate focus…[Michael Bloomberg is not running but will fund a new campaign called Beyond Carbon for the Sierra Club…

    …[At the state level, New Mexico will join California, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia with its] goal for 100 percent carbon-free electricity…Twelve more Democratic governors have promised to mandate the same 100 percent target…[On March 15, there was] a worldwide student strike for climate action. The Sunrise Movement, a youth-led group that brought national attention to the Green New Deal in November, plans to hold 100 town-hall meetings in support of the plan across the country…[But the views of the country’s most powerful Republican] seem extremely unlikely to change…[but] environmental groups and their allies are feeling whiplash at how far the conversation has come…” click here for more


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