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  • Monday, April 29, 2019

    Climate Changes Militaries To Greenies

    Militaries go green, rethink operations in face of climate change; “Militaries are great planning organizations, we need to utilize that great planning capability to get further ahead of the climate threat than we have.”

    Linda Givetash, April 27, 2019 (NBC News)

    “…[North American Treaty Organization (NATO)] military officials from 29 countries — including the United States — will test whether energy efficient equipment and hybrid diesel-solar power systems can be easily integrated into their operations in [military exercises in] Poland this June…[This new focus] on energy efficiency and reduced fuel consumption is indicative of a wider [adaptation by militaries] to environments reshaped by climate change and intensifying natural disasters…Lightweight equipment that can be powered by renewables rather than fuels that need to be imported are better for responding to natural disasters such as floods and wildfires…NATO provided support when Sweden faced historic wildfires last summer…The war games will come amid a global movement — from school strikes and protests to debates in Congress over the proposed Green New Deal — that is placing response to climate change at the center of the political agenda…

    Experts warn that climate change is poised to not only cause more extreme weather events but also spark conflicts from the Arctic, where disappearing ice is sparking a geopolitical race for dominance, to Africa's Sahel region which is grappling with increased water scarcity and extremist groups…These conditions also drive migration, already being seen in Central America…Armed forces help launch humanitarian relief after a disaster, yet those operations don’t get the same level of foresight applied to other threats such as nuclear war or terrorism…A more recent report the Department of Defense released in January highlighted numerous Air Force, Army and Navy infrastructure currently at risk of damage due to flooding, drought, desertification and wildfires…” click here for more


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