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  • Wednesday, August 22, 2012


    Michigan State study: state ballot proposal would create over 74,000 jobs

    Carl Levesque, August 17, 2012 (Wind Energy Weekly)

    “At least 74,495 Michigan jobs will be created if the Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs renewable energy ballot proposal passes in November...[According to Michigan State University’s Projected Job and Investment Impacts of Policy Requiring 25% Renewable Energy by 2025 in Michigan, the proposal] would create more than $10 billion in new investments…

    “…[T]he proposal would create 31,513 jobs from construction and 42,982 jobs from operations and maintenance. A range of additional job impacts could follow passage of the proposal…All told, the initiative would create between 74,495 and 113,845 jobs in Michigan…Under the proposed RPS, the 25 percent threshold would be met in increments, with wind, solar, hydro and biomass qualifying as resources…”

    “…The proposal includes a 1 percent cap on electricity rate increases, a provision that answers any possible claims by opponents that the RPS would negatively impact consumers’ wallets…

    “…Given the current cost of electricity in the state, the RPS would not be expected to trigger such a rate cap, even without the federal Production Tax Credit, wind power’s crucial primary policy driver that is awaiting extension. Current power-price revenues for the two largest utilities in the state are at around $100 per megawatt-hour, and wind power purchase agreements in the state range between $65 and $95/MWh.) Currently Michigan has an RPS of 10 percent by 2015…”


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