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  • Wednesday, February 20, 2013


    What’s Happening with c-Si and Thin Film Pricing Categories?

    Michael Barker, February 14, 2013 (SolarBuzz)

    “…c-Si module pricing started 2012 with a larger quarterly decrease than thin film. But the pricing trends for c-Si and thin film modules were essentially parallel for the remainder of last year…Over the past year, thin film modules have retained higher ASPs than most c-Si modules, the exception being the higher prices obtained by c-Si Tier 1 Premium Brand products.

    “Two factors contribute to this trend. First, some thin film technologies have higher production costs than standard efficiency c-Si modules….ASPs may be higher than c-Si modules…[but] the margins on thin film products are not by default higher…”

    “Second, the higher price of some thin film products can also be due to their ability to fill niche markets not addressable by c-Si PV, such as low weight-bearing rooftops, non-uniform surfaces which require flexible substrates, or in low-light or high irradiation climates where sales teams are particularly effective in selling thin film components against c-Si modules.

    “There is still differentiation…End-users must determine the best product for their particular situation…[Brand] and bankability are also major factors when selecting PV components…With most companies offering 20+ year warranties, customers want to be assured that these obligations will be met in the future and will often pay more for such assurances…[C]omparative pricing…is certainly not the sole factor behind the purchase…”.


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