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  • Tuesday, December 1, 2015


    Solar Power In Europe: Can Germany And France Lead In Renewable Energy Despite Cloudy Climates?

    Jess McHugh, November 30, 2015 (International Business Times)

    “…The concerted effort of the German government to encourage renewable energy is referred to as Energiewende, meaning ‘energy transition’…Renewable energy, including solar power, is set to account for 33 percent of all domestic power consumption in Germany in 2015, compared to 10 percent in the U.S…The thrust in France has come primarily from top-down government initiatives, including subsidies and the installation of solar farms. The legislative body of France passed a law in March which dictates that all new commercial buildings constructed across the nation must be at least partially covered in plants or solar panels…Around 17.5 percent of all energy in France comes from renewable energy…[T]he United States has lagged behind Germany and France when it comes to renewable energy: Alternative energy sources account for only about 13 percent of electricity production in the U.S. Subsidies and grid-connectedness vary greatly state by state, with some states like Massachusetts or California enjoying highly developed solar infrastructures while others like South Carolina or Nebraska have very few subsidies…Solar power in the U.S. would also face additional geographic challenges [until concerns about intermittency are put to rest with a more integrated grid or more affordable energy storage]…” click here for more


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