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  • Tuesday, August 16, 2016

    EV Range Anxiety Is Not What It Used To Be

    ‘Range anxiety’ is scaring people away from electric cars — but the fear may be overblown

    Chris Mooney, August 15, 2016 (Washington Post)

    “…[EV popularity is rising and still persistent ‘range anxiety’concerns that potential drivers have that [their battery could run out of charge and strand them may be overblown, according to] researchers from MIT and the Santa Fe Institute…[A vast data analysis of second-by-second U.S. driving patterns and other evidence finds that] 87 percent of vehicles on the road could be replaced by a low cost electric vehicle available today, even if there’s no possibility to recharge during the day…[though] the remaining 13 percent of daily car energy use that exceeds a single battery’s capacity could be enough to drive lingering resistance to electric vehicle adoption…[It’s hard to understate the importance of vanquishing this concern because recent] research has suggested that while there are a number of regional variations, it is currently greener to drive on electricity than it is to do so on gasoline…[Many limitations still prevent suddenly swapping out large percentages of current vehicles for electric ones which is] why the Obama administration recently laid out grand plans to greatly increase the number of charging stations across the country…” click here for more

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