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  • Monday, October 2, 2017

    What Battery Energy Storage Can Do for New York

    Can energy storage replace peakers in NYC? A new study looks at the ability of energy storage systems to replacing aging, polluting fossil fuel peak power plants in New York City and thereby make use of the future growth of local solar power

    Mark Burger, Septembere 29, 2017 (PV Magazine)

    “…[With much of New York City’s power plant infrastructure overdue retirement, there is] a crisis developing…[Thousands of megawatts of steam and gas turbine systems, responsible for much of New York City’s non-carbon pollution, especially in proximate low-income communities, are apparently beyond effective retrofitting and their electricity generation, especially during peak hours, need to be replaced…This challenge is especially acute…[because] New York City generates slightly more than half its electricity locally, and cannot easily access clean power from hydro or wind power sources due to lack of transmission, particularly during daytime peak hours. On a statewide basis, the growth of natural gas sourced electricity threatens carbon reduction goals…[Strategen Consulting’s New York City’s Aging Power Plants: Risks, Replacement Options and the Role of Energy Storage determined that a serious commitment to energy storage systems would make them economically competitive with new peaker plants. Like solar and other renewable energy, energy storage would require long term contracts and NY Independent System Operator compensation for financial viability…” click here for more

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