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  • Tuesday, October 10, 2017

    Why Tariffs On Solar Will Backfire On The President

    Trump Is About to Stifle U.S. Solar Power. Why?

    Justin Talbot-Zorn, October 9, 2017 (Fortune)

    “…[The president has reportedly] lashed out at his senior economic advisers for their tepidness on trade policy…[and demanded protectionist tariffs]… But the looming solar tariffs aren’t about industrial jobs or Chinese competition or trade fairness—they’re about protecting fossil fuel interests and blocking Americans from harnessing the power of the sun…While it’s conceivable that tariffs could lead to some new domestic panel production, it is clear is that prices for most solar installations would rise, driving demand for new solar down just when the] world has been banking on residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar as important drivers of U.S. emissions reductions…[Instead of promoting domestic job creation and economic growth,] solar tariffs would be self-defeating…[They may seem like] a chance to look tough on China and other big manufacturing competitors while giving a gift to political supporters in the fossil fuel industry…But on a closer look, restricting the growth of solar would present [the president] with some serious headaches…[M]any red state Republicans will wince at the local job losses…Even the Heritage Foundation, the Koch-backed American Legislative Exchange Council, and other right-wing organizations have joined environmental groups in opposing the tariffs…” click here for more

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