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  • Monday, November 13, 2017

    Sponge Cities Can Help The Climate Fight

    China is Building 30 “Sponge Cities” to Soften the Blow of Climate Change

    Chelsea Gohd, November 12, 2017 (Futurism)

    “...One consequence of our warming world is increasingly frequent and more severe flooding. This is especially problematic in growing, crowded cities...[China’s Sponge City Initiative will, by 2020, make 80 percent of urban areas in China able to] re-use at least 70 percent of their rainwater...Strategies include using permeable surfaces and green (meaning that it incorporates plant-life) infrastructure. The concept has so much potential that other cities around the world, like in Berlin, are looking to become more spongy...Increased natural disasters will be a consequence of climate change that threatens all countries around the world...China is taking a firm stand against [life-threatening] flooding with this initiative…From advanced drainage systems to roadways capable of absorbing water and creative planting, sponge cities are getting increasingly innovative in how they might be able to better fend off treacherous floodwaters...[But this is] just a band-aid for a much bigger problem…[U]nless we make radical, global changes, humanity will feel more and more severe effects of climate change...” click here for more

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