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  • Tuesday, April 24, 2018

    Here’s Why Wind Is A Winner

    Wind energy’s swift growth, explained

    John Hall, April 23. 2018 (The Conversation)

    “…[T]he total amount of U.S. electricity generated by wind turbines nearly doubled between 2011 and 2017…Wind turbines, which convert moving air into electrical power, currently produce 6.3 percent of the electricity the U.S. consumes. Texas leads the nation overall in terms of the amount of power it gets from wind. Iowa gets a higher share of its electricity from wind turbines than any other state – 37 percent…The U.S. still lags other nations, particularly those in Europe, with offshore wind production…[But the first commercial offshore wind farm] began operating in 2016. New York state plans to build a much larger offshore farm. And California may soon establish floating offshore wind farms…[Recent improvements in energy storage technology and turbine efficiency] are lowering costs…[and] market forces coupled with widespread concerns over climate change, continue to propel the wind industry…[Corporate giants, such as Apple and Google,] are proactively seeking to rely on wind energy, rather than fossil fuels…And this wind rush is creating jobs in manufacturing, services and science. With total generating capacity projected to increase from about 89 gigawatts to more than 400 gigawatts over the next 30 years, the Energy Department says the industry may eventually employ 600,000 American workers.” click here for more

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