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  • Monday, June 11, 2018

    New Energy Is The Only Fix

    There Is No Quick Fix for Climate Change; A plan to turn carbon dioxide into liquid fuel sounds great in theory, but poses a number of problems.

    Adam McGibbon, June 11. 2018 (New Republic)

    “…[One reason for the growing obsession with the geoengineering techno-fixes for climate change is the understandable worry many have] about how long Earth will remain inhabitable… [But another reason] is that many of us don’t want to have to make the challenging sacrifices—personal, political, and economic—to address the problem…The hope that science will ride to the rescue is driven by a total faith in technological progress, and there are many such examples to comfort us…[But geoengineering] projects are fraught with unintended consequences. Scientists don’t know how spraying clouds with sea water would affect precipitation, potentially devastating the food systems. Dumping iron filings in the ocean would have unknown effects for marine life. Injecting aerosols into the atmosphere could cause droughts. Meddling with climatic systems we don’t understand, in the service of solving global warming, could just make the crisis worse…

    The political impact could prove fatal, too. If society believes that geoengineering solutions are right around the corner, it takes the pressure off of implementing proven solutions, like transitioning away from a fossil fuel economy…The solutions don’t need to be invented; they already exist. The world must sharply cut carbon emissions, keep fossil fuels in the ground, decarbonize the economy, and pursue aggressive reforestation and peatland restoration—nature’s geoengineering…There is no quick fix…” click here for more

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