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  • Tuesday, June 19, 2018

    Things To Do About Climate Change

    9 ways to make a difference on climate change

    June 18, 2018 (Omaha World-Herald)

    “Carbon dioxide is the climate’s worst enemy…By using less of it, we can curb our own contribution to climate change while also saving money…[9 ways to do that are: 1.Power your home with renewable energy…2. Weatherize your house…3. Invest in energy-efficient appliances…[4. Reduce water waste] because it takes a lot of energy to pump, heat and treat your water…5. Eat the food you buy. About 10 percent of U.S. energy use goes into growing, processing, packaging and shipping food…[6.] LED light bulbs use up to 80 percent less energy than conventional incandescents. They’re also cheaper in the long run…[7. Don’t leave fully charged devices plugged into outlets…8. Consider driving a fuel-efficient vehicle…[9. If all Americans kept their tires properly inflated, we could save 1.2 billion gallons of gas each year…A simple tune-up can boost miles per gallon anywhere from 4 percent to 40 percent, and a new air filter can get you a 10 percent boost.” Another good set of solutions (click here for more)

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