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  • Monday, July 9, 2018

    Climate Change And The Effort Against It Go On

    Climate Change Scorecard

    Lulu Garcia-Navarro, July 8, 2018 (National Public Radio)

    “Record heat all over the planet, fires, rising sea levels, flooding neighborhoods and cities - manmade climate change is being felt in all sorts of ways…[After the U.S.announced its intention to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, there were predictions that the other countries would follow, but it is] a pretty mixed picture…[India is making] rapid progress…[and] will be achieving their goals on renewable energy well ahead of schedule. China's emissions had been more or less stabilizing…[ Even the U.S.has had] reductions in emissions, despite the Trump rollbacks, thanks to stronger efforts by cities and states and many companies…[But] in each of those cases there are warning signs. India continues to build coal-burning plants. China's emissions spiked in the first quarter of this year…[And the U.S. is] not nearly on track to set the goal that the Obama administration set…No other countries have followed the U.S. in terms of withdrawing from the agreement - quite the opposite. Countries have rallied around the agreement…[It is] too early actually to measure the tangible effect…[The goals] are for 2025 and 2030…” click here for more

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