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  • Monday, January 21, 2019

    10 New Energy Events Coming In 2019 (Part 1)

    Transition in Energy, Transport – 10 Predictions for 2019

    Angus McCrone, January 16, 2019 (Bloomberg New Energy Finance)

    “…[The low-carbon transition is expected] to advance steadily this year, fueled by remorseless reductions in the costs of solar and wind electricity and of lithium-ion batteries – and also by a widening realization on the part of investors and corporations that there is this ‘sustainability thing’ and, for reasons of self-interest, they just need to do it…We should get more gigawatts of both wind and solar installed this year than last…[but total investment will likely be less because solar capital costs fell particularly sharply in 2018 – by some 12%...[and investment in offshore wind in] 2019 will fall modestly short…

    …[Solar installations in 2018 will end up at about 109GW…[and 2019] is likely to see growth to the 125GW to 141GW range…The wind market is set to see a leap in new capacity…from about 53.5GW in 2018 to more than 70GW in 2019…In offshore wind, 2019] will be the last year before Asia takes over as the leading [offshore wind] market…[by] installing 25% more capacity than Europe during the 2020s…Annual global energy storage deployments in 2019 will exceed 10GWh for the first time in the history of the market. This includes both utility-scale and behind-the-meter assets…Fierce competition and the recent easing of cobalt and lithium costs will push average prices below $150/kWh…There are now almost 5 million passenger electric vehicles on the road globally…[Another 2.6 million will] be sold in 2019…” click here for more


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