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  • Monday, September 2, 2019

    New Energy Ready To Take Over

    Department of Energy shows wind and solar power will dominate fossils; A Department of Energy report on wind energy showed nuggets of research on solar power – including a 280 GW interconnection queue and continued declines in pricing, as well solar’s encroachment on wind’s Midwest territory.

    John Weaver, August 30, 2019 (PV Magazine)

    “…[Wind, solar, and energy storage can move the U.S. power sector to very high levels of renewable penetrations. NextEra Energy, one of the biggest independent developers,] has 20 GW+ pipeline of wind+solar+storage potential…[It’s first project will be Oregon’s] 300 MW of wind, 50 MWac of solar, and 30 MW / 120 MWh of energy storage…[The next will be Oklahoma’s] 250 MW wind farm, 250 MWac solar farm, and 200 MW / 800 MWh of energy storage…[Research shows a mix of wind+solar+storage can now cost-effectively get the U.S.] to 80% renewables…

    …[Interconnection queues show an accelerating number of proposed large wind, solar, and storage project] sites, in various locales across the country…[The majority of this queue volume, not all of which will be built,] is schedule to come online before the end of 2023…[Low contract prices are reaching beyond the richest resource locations to places where wind and solar resources overlap and complement one another, making hybrid projects the most cost-competitive options in many more places]…” click here for more


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