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  • Tuesday, December 1, 2015


    How ISIS and Boko Haram Profit From Climate Change; The Paris climate summit is also about national security, with jihadist groups snatching up land largely emptied by extreme weather and declaring ‘caliphates.’

    Christopher Dickey, November 30, 2015 (The Daily Beast)

    “…[‘What greater rejection of those who would tear down our world, than marshaling our best efforts to save it?’ President Obama just asked in Paris. And French Presidend Hollande responded: ‘These are two major challenges we must overcome. We must leave our children more than a world free of terror, we owe them a planet protected from disasters, a viable livable planet.’ Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore] has noted the inconvenient truths about climate change as a security challenge many times…[O]n its face there is little connection between what happened in Paris on the 13th and the suffering of millions around the world who’ve been affected already by rising temperatures, droughts and sea levels…But the Paris terrorists were linked to the so-called Islamic State and its affiliates in an incipient global jihadist insurgency that has managed to seize and hold lands, declaring ‘caliphates’ in spaces that were largely emptied by recent extreme weather and human abuse of natural resources…[C]limate change is forcing about 20 million people a year out of their homes, and by 2050 that figure could be 150 million…It is precisely from those populations, uprooted and uncared for, that [Boko Haram and Isis grew strong]…” click here for more


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