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  • Tuesday, April 24, 2018

    Another ‘This Is It’ Moment For Climate Change

    One of the most worrisome predictions about climate change may be coming true

    Chris Mooney, April 23, 2018 (Washington Post)

    “Two years ago, former NASA climate scientist James Hansen and a number of colleagues laid out a dire [computer simulation-based] scenario in which gigantic pulses of fresh water from melting glaciers could upend the circulation of the oceans, leading to a world of fast-rising seas and even superstorms…[A new oceanographic study] appears to have confirmed one aspect of this picture — in its early stages…[Ocean measurements off the coast of East Antarctica show] that melting Antarctic glaciers are indeed freshening the ocean around them. And this, in turn, is blocking a process in which cold and salty ocean water sinks below the sea surface in winter, forming ‘the densest water on the Earth’…[on] the West Antarctic coast and the coast around the enormous Totten glacier in East Antarctica…[T]he melting of Antarctica’s glaciers appears to be triggering a ‘feedback’ loop in which that melting, through its effect on the oceans, triggers still more melting…not to mention rising seas as glaciers lose mass…” click here for more

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