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  • Tuesday, November 21, 2017

    The EV As A Mini Power Plant

    How your electric car could be 'a virtual power station'

    Theo Leggett, 21 November 2017 (BBC News)

    “…There are currently more than a billion vehicles on the road worldwide…The overwhelming majority run on petrol or diesel…But [m]anufacturers are investing heavily in developing both hybrid and pure electric models to help meet tightening emissions standards…Towns and cities want to impose restrictions on conventional cars to reduce pollution; and in the long term, some countries…want to ban them altogether…[The] number of electric cars is almost certainly going to increase dramatically over the next few years…But will we be able to generate all the electricity that millions of battery-powered vehicles will require? [The anticipated demand may not be as high as it would seem because ‘smart charging’] will allow vehicles to draw power only when it is readily available, avoiding peak periods, while ensuring that they are fully charged when their owners need them…[And it could] go a step further…[Vehicle to Grid, or V2G, may use software to regulate the charging level of multiple EVs as] energy storage devices…[that] provide specific services back to the grid…” click here for more

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